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Netherlands Bicycle Immersion Tour

A fun, slow riding tour inspiring U.S.-based bicycle advocates & lovers.

31 May - 9 June 2024

proceeds benefit the WI Bike Fed


Explore the safe, comfortable, and extensive bicycle infrastructure of the Netherlands. Designed for bicycle advocates (and their spouses, partners, relatives, or friends), this tour will take travelers on a low-mileage, slow-riding bicycle journey to enjoy the well-designed streets of Delft, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. Community leaders, municipal planners, street engineers, community developers, business owners, placemakers, & artists will also fall in love with the Netherlands while immersing in pleasant streetscapes and public spaces, learning of historic challenges surrounding transportation, and experiencing the Dutch Sustainable Safety design first-hand. Through this experience, travelers will be empowered to bring about changes to streets back in the U.S. and of course, free time to explore via bicycle, tram, train, and foot/wheels is built in. Longer group or solo rides are also possible each day.


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Tour Guides

Your tour will feature 1-3 tour guides depending on group size.


Trevor Roark - Owner/Operator, curbwise LLC + seasoned tour operator & guide, avid traveler, bike advocate, and bicyclist

Robin Rothfeder - Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Policy, Colorado State University + avid traveler, bike advocate, and bicyclist

Michelle Bachaus - Community Engagement Manager, WI Bike Federation + avid traveler, bike advocate, and bicyclist

Min Group Size: 9

Max Group Size: 18

Cost: $3,689

*$300 deposit (included)

*single occupancy - add $890

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photo by Trevor Roark

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