2-11 June 2023

Explore the safe, comfortable, and extensive bicycle infrastructure of the Netherlands via bicycle, foot, tram, & train alongside tour guides Trevor Roark, Robin Rothfeder, and/or Michelle Bachaus. This tour will take travelers on a low-mileage, slow-riding bicyle journey to enjoy the well-designed streets of Delft, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. Plus, travelers get to better understand how the Dutch have become so successful in building safe streetscapes and creating stronger neighborhoods and places. Besides a number of fun group activities and sites, enjoy free time to explore urban parks, historical sites, tourist hot spots, delicious restaurants & cafes, shopping alleys, and lots more in each city.


Here we go!

Netherlands Bicycle Immersion Tour 2023

  • -  all lodging (based on double occupancy, 4-star)

    -  3 nights in Delft, 2 nights in Utrecht, & 3 nights in Amsterdam

    -  all breakfasts, 5 group dinners and 3 group lunches

    -  all group land transfers, train or tram

    -  omafiets/opafiets bicycle rentals in each city

    -  1-3 tour guides (based on group size)

    -  in-country tour guides & field experts

    -  group activities (passes to Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Dom Tower, Rijksmuseum, and Amsterdam canal cruise)

    -  flight emissions (carbon) offsets

    -  traveler’s guidebook and orientation

    - 15% of proceeds benefit the WI Bike Fed