Owner/Pilot, Trevor Roark

Delivery, cranked out.

Curbwise LLC is a bicycle-powered delivery service in Stevens Point. Owned and operated by Trevor Roark, the business launched in Sept. 2020 to provide local delivery for businesses/organizations to their customers/members within the Stevens Point, Plover, Whiting, Park Ridge, and Hull areas. Deliveries range from perishable & non-perishable foods, boxed goods, apparel, supplies, to equipment. 

At the core of curbwise is the triple bottom line approach (People, Planet, then Profit). Whether a business or organization is looking to invest in local people power, reduce their carbon footprint (fossil-fuel-free delivery), and/or sustain a more localized economy, our delivery service will happily crank it out.


What could a bicycle possibly carry? Just about anything! If there are 20 CSA shares a farm needs moved from a hub to doorsteps, no problem. Or, if you have furniture, office supplies, boxes of goods, or unique equipment that needs transport, that's okay too. Curbwise will be able to pedal hundreds of pounds on a single load. And what about pizza's, pho, pastries, flowers, soup, coffee, eggs, burritos, or egg rolls,? You bet! 

*Bicycle delivery will be available year-round, rain, snow, or shine! With 21 years of bicycling year-round in Stevens Point and tons of experience pulling loads with a bike trailer, Trevor will manage deliveries of almost any size, shape, and form. Okay, no shipping containers please!

*curbwise is a fully insured operation.




We're delivering Stevens Point Area Co-op groceries year-round every Monday. Visit spacoop.com 

to place your order! 


We're delivering Meet the Herb Halfway products year-round. Visit meettheherb.com soon to place your order! 


We're delivering a variety of Central Rivers Farmshed items. Jump to our delivery hire page to get your shares, soup, or other items delivered! To learn more about Farmshed's programs visit farmshed.org


We're delivering bakery items for Zest Bakery & Coffeehouse. Call 715-344-6185 or stop by Zest to place your order! 


We're delivering CSA shares of roasted coffee, eggs, and/or meat for Liberation Farmers. Visit liberationfarmers.com to get your shares delivered! 

We're delivering CSA shares and flowers for Whitefeather Organics. Visit whitefeatherorganicsfarm. com to get your shares delivered! 


We're delivering CSA shares, seedlings, and more for Cattail Organics. Visit cattailorganics.com to get your shares and goodies delivered! 


We're delivering products & gifts for Kindred Spirit Books. Get an eclectic variety of books, gifts, greeting cards, and just plain fun items! Visit facebook or call 715-342-4891 to get your items delivered! 


We've partnered with Assembly to deliver hand-selected clothing, jewelry, + accessories curated with the modern woman in mind. Visit assembly-shop.com to get your quality goods delivered! 

We're delivering Mission Coffee House roasted coffee to Coffee Club members once a month. Visit missioncoffeehouse.com to sign up! 


We're delivering 170+ flavors of unique, high-quality teas, a wide-variety of balsamic vinegars and oils, and other products for Diversi-Tea. Visit diversi-tea.com to see more! 

Siren Shrub Logo (Round+White Background) (1).png

We're delivering locally created and themed goods for Agora. Visit agoramakersmarket.com to see more! 


We're delivering CSA shares for Lonely Oak Farm. Visit lonelyoakfarm.net to learn more! 

We're delivering shrub mixers, sparkling shrubs, and more for Siren Shrub Co. Visit sirenshrubs.com to learn more! 


We're delivering home goods for Process - low waste shop - from the Stevens Point location! They focus on refills/bulk, plastic-free, biodegradable materials, less/recycled packaging, and products that are durable/high quality. Visit lowwaste.shop to learn more! 


We've partnered with Food Wise of UW-Madison Extension, Central Rivers Farmshed, Hunger Relief Federation of WI, Aging and Disability Resource Center of Portage County, and the Stevens Point Housing Authority to deliver FREE food boxes for the StockBox program.


We're delivering craft infused, barrel-aged, and pure maple syrup from Tapped Maple Syrup to customers and wholesale accounts. Visit tappedmaplesyrup.com to learn more! 

We're delivering hydroponic herbs & greens year-round to eaters in the Stevens Point area. Produce Point grows chemical free while conserving land and water. Visit produce-point.com to learn more! 


We're delivering for Bound to Happen Books - with newly published/printed books that emphasize authors/stories/experiences not represented in mainstream literature. Visit boundtohappenbooks.com to learn more! 


We're delivering mushrooms for Segura & Sons Mushroom Farm. Visit seguramushrooms.com to learn more! 

Emy J's Logo - 4 Color - Salmon.png

We're delivering for Emy J's Coffeehouse. Visit www.emyjscoffeehouse.com to learn more! 

If you're a local business/
vendor/farmer/org and you're interested in transporting your goods/products/food via bicycle within the Stevens Point area
year-round or seasonally, please contact Trevor ...
Or, if you're an individual/family looking to move something (carepackage, furniture, equipment, boxes, goods, food, etc.) across town, please contact Trevor ...


We're delivering custom crocheted creations from Holly's Hooks. Visit hollyshooks.com to learn more! 




Thanks to the wonderful reporting of Sydney Hawkins for News Channel 7 (WSAW) and the awesome work of our partner Bucket Ruckus for this fun story on curbside compost. A special thanks goes to Kelly Adlington, Asher Maliepaard, & Carrie Jarosinski!


From a local collaboration to a statewide food assistance network, we are able to help get food to those in need through the Hunger Task Force/Hunger Relief Federation of WI. Thanks Zachary for this fun highlight of our operations in Portage County!


World-famous snow sculptor Jef Schobert (left photo), of Snow Art Zone, formed/carved a frozen version of me and curbwise. I'm honored to be one of your magical creations, Jef ... Thanks! 


We placed as one of 4 finalists in the Surge 2021 business incubator program through CREATE Portage County & Prevail Bank. A big "THANKS!" to Greg, Chris, and crew for this opportunity to learn, network, and grow, & to Prevail Bank for seed funding!


Thanks to Drew Sutherland of News Channel 7 (WSAW) for reporting on our bicycle-powered operation, sharing highlights and a new opportunity for curbwise to grow!


Thanks to Keith Uhlig for writing such a nice and in depth story on the beginnings of curbwise and to Tork Mason for the mighty fine photos! Find the 25 Mar. 2021 article as part of a resilient businesses series from the USA Today Network, Gannett, SP Journal.


Thanks to Taylor Hale of Portage County Gazette/SP City Times for reporting on our cold-weather reslience, delivery operations, and other highlights!


Thanks to the WI Bike Fed, curbwise was featured on a billboard

in Stevens Point during 2020 Wisconsin Bike Week!

Keep it Wausome (Sept. 2020).png

Thanks to BK (Brian Kowalski) for a fun curbwise (and more) interview on his podcast Keep it Wausome!


Thanks to Mark Gehrke for an enjoyable and in depth conversation about bicycle-powered delivery and the local economy on the Common Roots Rising podcast.





Curbwise is sponsored by District 1 Brewing Company. Thanks to Chris and crew for crafting a pale ale called Pedal On!!! - a brew that depicts the creative resilience of curbwise. From the can: "A modern take on a pale ale using select cool kid hops, a fruit forward yeast strain and restrained bitterness perfect for reveling with friends after a day of hitting the trail, battling hills or even powering out deliveries."


Curbwise is sponsored by Rudy Rack. Thanks to this collaboration we're reusing steel parts while reducing the waste stream from the Rudy Rack shop. Hat tip to the circular economy. 


Curbwise is sponsored by Hostel Shoppe. Thanks to this collaboration we'll be rolling more safely on winter streets with studded tires! Thank you Scott Cole and and crew for making it easier to ride and deliver on ice and slush.


"Very friendly and very prompt service, even in the snow! Masked and socially distanced. Very happy with the quality of items ordered."  -anonymous (SPA Co-op member survey)

"Trevor & curbwise are totally committed to our customers' satisfaction - with product safety, convenience, and going the extra mile."  -Trevor Drake (Central Rivers Farmshed Director)

"Curbwise is the best thing since sliced bread!"  -Russ Ehlinger (Mission Coffee House Owner)

 "I appreciate the service you provide so much. The personal touch, the caring, the reliability, and the patience."  - Anne Pawlak (regular care package, grocery, & compost delivery customer)  

"Thank you for braving the elements to restock our egg and meat supply, Trevor Roark, in the biggest snow of the year. You amaze me!"  -Jessica Tomaszewski (Liberation Farmers CSA shareholder)

"Such wonderful communication on the timing of the delivery too!!!"  -Erin Redman (Central Rivers Farmshed Frozen Assets customer)

"It's been a lifesaver! With us shuttling two teenagers around, it makes sense to use curbwise."  -Scott Cole (Whitefeather Organics CSA shareholder)

"Curbwise is an awesome service with impeccable customer service!  Keep pedaling!!"  -Sarah Lakewood (Lonely Oak CSA shareholder)

"I was very pleased with the service.  My products arrived dry, even though it was a downpour.  Thank you!!"  -anonymous (SPA Co-op member survey)



If you're interested in getting your Farmshed Frozen Assets shares,
Buy a Quart soup, or Frozen Pizzas, your Lonely Oak Farm CSA shares, or another order delivered to your doorstep, please visit our hire page!



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